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Welcome to Gen Z

WeRGenZ is about YOU! If you’ve ever felt ignored, like your opinions were devalued or not even heard, then join as we help you carve your own path and lead others through life. WeRGenZ is about amplifying the many different voices, and passions of people age 13-22… the ones the world call GenZ. Join other teens and young adults figuring out and impacting what your world should look, feel and be about.

If you can feel the pulse of your generation; if you want to collaborate with hundreds and even thousands of other young people across the U.S. and around the world to paint an accurate and authentic picture of what is the most diverse generation in history, then join our unique virtual Teen Think Tank and the WeRGenZ What’s Hot, What’s Not panel. Interested? Learn more or email us at [email protected].

You’ve got 8 seconds to capture the attention of the NEXT generation, are you ready?  It doesn’t matter if you represent a consumer brand or BtoB. Whether you’re looking at Generation Z as customers, employees, entrepreneurs, voters, or emerging leaders, we have the real thing ready to answer your questions and provide genuine insight.

Whether your brand needs a keynote speaker, consultant, influencers, wow experience, or GenZ Advisory Board, WeRGenZ can help identify needs and how to effectively act on them. GenZ will drive society in one direction or another. Isn’t it time to tap into the actual source to better understand where you’re going? Yes, we’re generational experts but more than that, we have the grassroots members of this incredibly influential population that is changing the culture right in front of our eyes. No doubt about it, GenZ is transforming society including how we consume information. They’re redirecting the economy, adopting new technologies, embracing diversity and more.  When you decide it’s authenticity you want. When you decide to join the real disruptors, contact us to explore how WeRGenZ can point you in the right direction.

Contact us at [email protected]   1.704.906.3600 or on social media

Imagine that three people sent you a message in the exact same words, but each left a distinctly different message.

I was there!” They saw something exciting firsthand.
Someone else said:  I WAS there!” as if there was some doubt that they participated in the event.
Now the same words, but different meaning:  “I was THERE!”  Not somewhere else, but right there.

Depending on your perspective, GenZ is a lot like those three simple words – depending on the day and angle, perceived very differently.  It’s as if someone took a picture of an entire generation but it was somehow blurred to the point that it was unrecognizable. When you’re facing the largest, most diverse and individualistic generation in history, it’s easy to see a blurry image.

WeRGenZ can help you put it into focus. By 2020 Generation Z will constitute forty percent of the U.S. population. Their buying power is mind blowing- in the billions annually but that pales in comparison to the billions more  spent within their households that teens strongly influence.

Generation Z (GenZ): Born between mid-1990's and mid-2000's

WeRGenZ is a research-based Think Tank of more than 1000 U.S. teens. We grew out of a need to give voice to a generation of young people that are as coveted as they are misunderstood. Already accounting for billions of dollars of annual spending and influencing hundreds of billions more, GenZ is a force to be reckoned with.
Amplifying the authentic and diverse voices of Generation Z and enabling brands to embrace and engage with this unique, bold and influential constituency.      



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Digital Comic Book

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