Generation Z is fast approaching the age of disposable income. The question is how do we market to them?
Our guest expert this week is Kathleen Hessert, CEO of We R Gen Z, a think tank designed to help brands market those that identify as Generation Z and younger.

Kathleen reveals the challenges of marketing to a younger, and often more tech-savvy, demographic. Future proof your sales and learn some new techniques that will keep your brand current.

Kathleen Hessert has spent a professional lifetime connecting dots that others don’t even see. Whether it was being one of the first women to be a broadcast news anchor, or female pit reporter for ESPN, or founding a media training company for college and pro sports, she sees a need and delivers.

On this show…
03:25 – How to brand yourself like Peyton Manning.
10:38 – 98% of Gen-Z uses a smartphone, should that affect how and where you market to them?
16:13 – Are there differences in marketing to Gen-Z compared to other generations?
20:48 – Inside the Gen-Z think tank.
28:10 – What sports franchises are doing to market to Gen-Z and how you can replicate what they are doing right.

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