Here are some common questions about WeRGenZ.

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Who and what is Generation Z?
GenZ, short for Generation Z and sometimes called, iGen, is made up of people born between 1996 and 2010. It is the generation born after Millennials and the first true digital natives. They’ve never known a world without the Internet and are the most diverse generation in history.
Why are they so important?

They are 20.2 percent of the US population in 2022, spend 140 billion dollars annually, and they influence $600 billion in family spending. They have forever changed the way society consumes information, the technology we adopt, and the economy. With the Internet, they have the world at their fingertips and expect the brands, organizations, institutions they interact with to do the same.

What does WeRGenZ do and why are you different?

The core of WeRGenZ is the population emerging as society’s newest leaders. For young people WeRGenZ provides a platform to amplify the many diverse voices of their generation and a resource to help them use their special skills and learn about excelling in the real-world via unique internships and mentoring opportunities with leaders in their fields. WeRGenZ has been incorporated into the Charlotte Mecklenburg School System’s curriculum via the (CTE) Career, Technical, Education pathways. This ensures a steady flow of very diverse students participating in our research surveys, panels and consulting. Though Charlotte was our first teen hub, we have expanded to include teens from Virginia, Florida and Illinois as well as some from international locales.
WeRGenZ conducts original research of real teens (members of our Teen Think Tank and What’s Hot; What’s Not panel ) custom public speaking and brand consulting and provides background information and teen spokespeople for media interviews.

Is this only US based?

Generation Z is world-wide. WeRGenZ operates mainly in the U.S. although we’ve had Teen Think Tank members in Europe, Africa and South America, and would love to connect young people in diverse places around the globe to collaborate with each other.

Who makes up your Teen Think Tank?

Any teen who is deeply aware and passionate about the world and society around them is welcome to join. Most virtual team members participate in our online surveys and research reports, as spokespersons for their generation by being interviewed by major national, regional and local media. Still others would rather be behind the scenes contributing other talents such as photography, videography, analytics, social media and content marketing, business development and recruiting as well as a variety of other roles.

how to get involved in Kidskonnectukraine?

Interested in becoming active with KidsKonnectUkraine?  Email us at kidskonnectukraine@gmail.com for more information on how you can be involved!

How can we work with WeRGenZ?
There are many opportunities and ways to work with WeRGenZ. We value requests from brands, educators, researchers, journalists and savvy teens who want to be on the leading edge. Contact us at AskUs@wergenz.com
Can I live anywhere to participate?
Our teen members and clients come from all over the world. The Internet and virtual meetings make the world our office.
If I don’t want to be a spokesperson are there other things I can contribute?
Absolutely. There are many roles you can play within WeRGenZ and we believe and take pride in helping young people tap into their best skills, characteristics and passions to accelerate the GenZ movement.
Can I get internships and mentorships as part of WeRGenZ?
We offer high profile and short term internships such as being a GenZ Influencer at Adobe’s celebrated global marketing and creative summits or participating in designing and implementing a new age focus group for the NFL’s Carolina Panthers . We also have extended internships creating, promoting and distributing a digital comic book, or as a member of the What’s Hot, What’s Not brand panel. Our Teens are also regularly exposed to casual and more formal mentorships with some of the brightest minds and business people in their respective fields.
Will participating in WeRGenZ help prepare me for a real world job?
Absolutely! We’re working on the leading edge and preparing students for the #FutureofWork
Still Have Questions? Ask Us!
For any other questions, please write us at askus@wergenz.com