Generation Z (GenZ): Born between mid-1990s and mid-2000s


The population of GenZ in 2022

GenZ Understands

the value of varying perspectives and expects diversity.

Boundary-less Generation

Generation Z will be a communicating & connecting effortlessly around the world


Adults Agree

that kids today have more in common with their global peers than with adults in their own country.

Finance / Spending

Generation Z is fiscally conservative & responsible

Genz is realistic

Generation Z is realistic thanks to skeptical. straight-shooting parents & growing up in a recession.

Fiscally Conservative

GenZ doesn’t want to be burdened by Millennials’ college debt, living with parents. or having few job options.

billion Dollars

the amount of money GenZ spends in the U.S. annually


of consumers

As of 2020, Generation Z makes up 40% of our consumer base

billion dollars

the amount of money GenZ influences in spending annually


earn money

70% of Generation Z earn their own spending money, About the same as Millennials currently (who are on average ten years older)


If you want to talk to Generation Z, get to the point


the average attention span of GenZ (that’s one second less than a goldfish’s)

years on the job

83% of today’s students believe 3 years or less is the appropriate amount of time to spend at their first job


the amount of money GenZ influences in spending annually


GenZ spends 9 hours per day on a device

education / learning

Generation Z will explore education alternatives


Go Digital

43% of teens prefer a digital approach to learning

Internet authority

GenZ considers the internet the authority on advice and information as opposed to parents and teachers

little patience

Generation Z has little patience for stagnation and will want to flex their muscles by trying different techniques or projects


believe a

skill-based education makes sense in today’s world

social media / technology

Generation Z: the first digital native generation since the birth of the Internet


computer access

93% of teenagers have access to a computer at home


prioritize wifi

40% of GenZ say working Wi-Fi is more important than working bathrooms


Share the Screen

7 in 10 teens with access to a computer at home share the laptop/desktop with other family members

times a day

GenZ checks social media up 100 times a day


Have a Smartphone


Have a laptop

Generation Z is more selective

with the information they share online than other generations


Generation Z will be more competitive with their colleagues


more driven

80% of high school students believe they are more driven than their peers


think: cash = success

60% of GenZ believe that a lot of cash is evidence of success, compared to 44% of millennials at the same age


expect hardwork

77% of Generation Z expect to work harder to achieve success than previous generations



76% hope they can turn their hobbies into full-time jobs

social Concerns

Generation Z cares deeply about human rights



want impact

75% want their work to have meaning


give time/money

37% either donated to or volunteered their time for a good cause


are concerned

76% of Generation Z are concerned about humanity’s impact on society



36% educated family and friends about a cause