Leaders come in all shapes and sizes as well as every walk of life. More and more I’m asked to provide executive coaching and daily I’m asked to mentor a young person reaching for their very own promises land. Sometimes I feel like I’m renting out my brain!

No matter the person or circumstance though it always begins with personal branding. It’s been the same over the last 30 years only now it has a name and clear definition. What is your personal brand? What does it stand for? Is it credible with the communities in which you want to shine? How can you be more deliberate and what are the KPI’s (key performance indicators) that will tell you you’ve reached the summits you set out to climb.

My friend and colleague, Goldie knows personal branding inside and out. In her latest Forbes article she quotes just one of the techniques I’ve used to help some of my most time-crunched clients to follow-through and amplify their brand.