Virtual PenPal Program

The mission

What can we do for kids who are living through war, many with PTSD after being bombed out of their homes and becoming the equivalent of refugees within their own country? After all, kids need a chance to just be kids even when they’re designated IDP’s (Internally Displaced People)?

The What and why

•  Kid to Kid ongoing conversations
•  Directly sharing what’s important, relevant, cool to peers across the world
•  On and offline content sharing to reach low/no Internet areas and wider age group
•  Expands U.S. students’ understanding & engagement in critical world affairs on an appropriate youth level
•  Creates an empathetic connection between Ukrainian youth & US teens and young adults
•  Creative outlet to preserve and amplify their culture and communities
•  Concrete display of youth taking on the responsibility of becoming the cornerstone of their future nation

The Process

•  Partnership between CMS and Ukrainian Education District Schools
•  Incorporate unschooled youth especially IDP’s (Internally Displaced People) living in Ukrainian  shelters etc.
•  Youth-centric content themes, styles, formats, platforms
•  Content has strong value to identified audience(s)
•  Triggers engagement due to specific interest to targeted communities to connect and authentically share feelings, questions, culture, creativity via use of video, audio, graphics, chat, etc.
•  Shared directly and amplified through social media as appropriate
•  Has potential to build trust, offer educational and entertainment–related, even mental health outlet through 2-way conversations and connections
•  Estimated weekly sharing online; monthly offline
•  Oversight provided by CMS and Move Ukraine

Join Slack Channel

Your KidsKonnectUkraine Slack Channel is live!

Slack can be your bridge crossing an ocean, major time zones between Ukraine and America, and even helps overcome power and Internet outages.

You can KONNECT with new friends when it works for you, any time or day. It helps you konnect with teens who are into the same things you are like music, robotics, after-graduation questions, etc. 

Reach out to us at for info on how you can join!

Become a Student Ambassador

Students that are part of our partner organizations are eligible to become Ambassadors.  Each group will consist of 7 members of a leadership council, and will be nominated by their partner organization representatives (teachers), and selected by the KidsKonnectUkraine panel.

Responsibilities of Ambassadors:
•Recruit #KidsKonnectUkraine participants
• Determine meet-up agendas and schedules
•Develop campaigns, contests, platforms &
•Collaborate and coordinate with other Ambassador
leadership councils
•Identify and fulfill opportunities to amplify
#KidsKonnectUkraine including public speaking, social media, podcasts, blogs, media interviews, sponsorships

Request nomination form at

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