Teen Think Tank 
Six to eight times a year, WeRGenZ conducts online surveys with an average of 500 to 1000 participants ages 13 through 22 years old. Though most participants are official members of the WeRGenZ Teen Think Tank and U.S. residents, respondents are asked to share the surveys with friends anywhere on the globe. We also encourage researchers, educators and others who work with and are interested in what makes members of Generation Z tick to share the surveys as well.

All surveys are promoted through our official WeRGenZ social media channels as well. Interested parties can sign up to receive WeRGenZ Survey Results as well by clicking here.

Research results are also available by request as background for media articles or stories.

What’s Hot, What’s Not
Regularly, our core WeRGenZ What’s Hot, What’s Not panel also officially weigh in on pop culture and other topics generating buzz.

Custom Research
Available upon request.


Research, Speaking, Consulting

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Request Media Interview

For interviews with Founder Kathleen Hessert or savvy teens about Generation Z and a wide range of topics from finances to education, music and social justice, technology, leadership and what’s hot and what’s not. Let’s talk.