Representing a fresh new generation of influencers, our Teen Think Tank offers you a variety of ways to share your thoughts and authentic voices.

SURVEYS: Over 1000 U.S. teens have opted in to participate in our regular online surveys on important topics of the day. When you add your influence to the team, you’ll be asked to respond to 6-8 online surveys over the year that will take you only 4 to 10 minutes to complete. Your answers will contribute to a real-time base of knowledge for media, brands, educators and others  to better understand what makes your generation who and what you are.

MEDIA INTERVIEWS: select members of the Teen Think Tank will be promoted as interviewees for major media outlets, blogs, and podcasts on GenZ in broad terms and other specific topics like your authentic teen opinions on music, social justice, data privacy, creativity, sports and entertainment, the job market and much more. Any Think Tank member has the right to say yes or no to any interview request.

CUSTOM RESEARCH/FOCUS GROUPS: from time to time specific brands will come to WeRGenZ to better understand a vital topic to their marketplace or business. For instance, in 2018, a WeRGenZ team of 24 teens traveled to the Carolina Panthers’ facilities for a half day to provide the team insights into how they and the NFL can better attract young fans. Participants are chosen based on their overall participation in the program, industry interest and availability.

INFLUENCER/ INTERNSHIP PROGRAM: members of the team will compete to be selected as social media influencers and for prime internships throughout the year. In 2018, four students were chosen to represent GenZ at the world renowned Adobe Summit in Las Vegas. During the 5 day expense paid trip, Think Tank members acted as official social media correspondents covering the latest marketing practices, meeting and being mentored by some of the world’s most distinguished marketers and being interviewed by national media outlets… of and having incredible fun along the way. Another 12 student members of WeRGenZ earned internships to staff the Adobe Social Media Command Center creating content, studying the data analytics that tracked the scope, reach and online influencer conversations.     

SPECIAL INTERNSHIPS BASED ON TALENTS/SKILLS: Throughout the year Think Tank members will be offered opportunities to hone and showcase their creative, technical and business skills including project management, photography, videography, graphic arts, virtual reality, promotion, advertising, analytics, social media management, music production and much more.

A select team of illustrators and writers earned six-month internships to develop a digital comic book “Journey to Hope: A GenZ Adventure” which will be released online in 2018.

What’s Hot, What’s Not Panel of Experts: Internships will be offered to as many as twenty teens to participate online every 2 weeks in our unique What’s Hot, What’s Not panel. Participants who are in the know about pop culture, the news and identifying the latest trends,  will weigh in on the changing landscape from the perspective of their generation and how it may affect the nation. Participating in the panel will enable participants to collaborate with teens across the nation and at times internationally on a wide range of topics. We’ll be looking closely at  changes in the way teens see and experience life from issues of immigration to the hottest new music genres and artists. After each session, What’s Hot, What’s Not conclusions will be shared on social media and at times, through traditional media, blog posts, art work etc. 

Meet some of the members of our WeRGenZ Teen Think Tank…