Kathleen Hessert is the branding queen. A leader in sports marketing and expert in strategic communication, she’s been molding the brands of top athletes, entertainers, and Fortune 500 CEO’s for more than 30 years. She’s the founder and CEO of Sports Media Challenge and WeRGenZ.com

Kathleen’s list of clients is impressive. She’s worked with the 3 P’s- the Pope, P. Diddy, and Peyton Manning- all simultaneously. 24 years later, Manning is still a client. Kathleen was instrumental in getting Shaq on Twitter. Notre Dame, Venus & Serena Williams, Danica Patrick, Derek Jeter, ESPN, the NFL, and the Rockettes are just a few of her past and current clients.

In this comprehensive interview, we delve into her new groundbreaking series with Gameplan, ‘Brand Breakdown’- as she helps student-athletes master their own brands. We discuss the enormous layers of the NIL (name, image, likeness) legislation and what it means for future student-athlete sponsorship.

Kathleen explains why ‘great is the new mediocre,’ how she earns the trust of high-profile clients and why her curiosity has kept her ahead of the curve. She reminisces on being ESPN’s first Nascar pit reporter, explains the difference between Gen-Z and Millennials and shares how she built credibility as one of the nation’s first female TV anchors.

Kathleen discusses normalizing risks and why personal branding matters more than ever.

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Twitter: @kathleenhessert