This morning  #KidsKonnectUkraine met on Zoom with 12 teenagers from Ukraine and a class of 15 juniors and seniors from #Estero High School to talk live. Despite the #Ukrainian students being 7 hours ahead of us and having to switch locations 2 times because their school had no power or connectivity and the alternative locations without power too, they were finally able to connect with us from the Mayor’s office in Kalush (western Ukraine). 

American students asked what life was like there living through war and if they were scared in the #bombshelters.  Ukrainian students told stories of living without their fathers and brothers for months as they served in the military on the front lines. Eldar a 13 yr old boy explained that he and his friends were constantly without power, heat, the Internet but they weren’t afraid to live without those essentials. They were only afraid 😳 he said, “to live without freedom!”

Two boys explained that they were IDPs (Internally Displaced People) forced to evacuate their homes and relocate in the western part of #Ukraine to stay alive. Their homes were just a couple of miles from the front lines when the war began almost a year ago. Although they feel safer and welcomed in the west, they want to return to their hometowns and old schoolmates and neighbors someday soon. 

“We will fight for freedom. We will win”. More #kidsKonnectUkraine virtual sessions will be scheduled with different schools and clubs in the US within the next few weeks. I’ll share more specifics soon.  By the way, the KidsKonnectUkraine t-shirts were designed by students on both sides of the ocean and were worn proudly!  👀the yellow t-shirts on the Americans! #moveUkraine #WeRgenZ  #AdobeEducation #AdobeInsider